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We adopted Miss Rosie and Murphy from there and what treasures they turned out to be! Murphy adopted little Miss Rosie as "his" and it is something else to see these two special friends together. Be aware though, that this is exceptional - it doesn't always work out that way, it's just that these two are well... special! From the outset Murphy looked after Miss Rosie and he would rush in from outside and check that she was alright. He used to groom her and supervise her eating to make sure no one else stole her food. He's big on guarding food and no one would dare steal his food so it is really cute that he guards Rosie's too. And of course they snuggle up together. Here's a picture of the two of them and Murphy is singing. True, he "sings" a lot, so we will try and get a recording but don't hold your breath - he'd usually stopped by the time we find the recorder!


Murphy and Miss Rosie


California Wildfires
The Gang from Hannah's Column have made a donation to help out the animals affected by the California wildfires. We appreciate the UK's Daily Mail for their brutally honest article. Lovely to see the most generous donation by Sandra Bullock too - you can find the link to donate in the first paragraph of that article. Failing that, Go Here to donate.

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New Gang Member

The Gang from Hannah's Column

is pleased to announce that they have just adopted a dingo from

the Durong Dingo Sanctuary in Queensland.

More to come as we get to know Eli.

Eli the dingo

Pack Discipline in Household Dogs

by L P King


Important Facts About Cat Hiccups

Cats and kittens can also get hiccups like humans do. The sound may be different but the reason why they get them is scientifically the same. Cats like humans have diaphragm muscle too that can suddenly contract and involuntarily react to irritation, resulting to hiccups.

While it is a normal behaviour among cats, a cat owner should also be cautious because not all noises or hiccup-like sounds that your feline pet creates are actually hiccups. Some may be a cause of more serious health problems of your cat.

Here are some important facts you need to know why your cat gets hiccups.

1. It is normal for cats to get hiccups.

2. Cats get hiccups commonly just after eating.

3. Ocassionally, it can happen if your cat didnít chew her food thoroughly or gulped it too fast.

4. Hiccups can sometimes be a sign that your cat is sick.

5. If the coughing or hiccups persists for a long period of time and she looks distressed, better take your cat to the veterinarian.

6. Hiccups among cats can be attributed to a anatomical problem at the back of your catís throat. This can be cured by your vet.

7. Kittens can get hiccups more often than cats.

8. Cats can get hiccups because they are allergic to dusts or grass.

9. It can also be a sign that your cat has something stuck in her throat. Hairball is the common thing that a cat swallows that results to that.

10. The nerves extending from the neck to the chest of your cat may also be irritated thatís why she gets hiccups.

So how can you prevent your cat from getting hiccups? To control or minimize it, next time try to elevate her food dish or cat bowl. Since your cat exerts more effort to get her food, it will make your cat eat it slowly.


Pet Article courtesy of http://pet-articles.blogspot.com.



How Can I Tell if My Dog Has Worms?

Dogs usually aren't too worried about consequences. They love to eat things they shouldn't, roll around in things they shouldn't, and in general, act like a dog. Unfortunately, many of these things can bring on unwanted visitors like worms into your dog's world.

Fortunately, if you detect worms early it keeps them from getting worse, thereby making the problem as easy as possible on your dog.

Symptoms for dogs that may have worms:

* Coat no longer shiny

* Not hungry

* Can't get enough to drink

* You see worms or eggs in your dog's feces - This is the most common way to confirm worms. Remember though, not all kinds of worms are visible to the naked eye.

* Visible worms in the area around dog's rear - Tapeworms can appear as small moving segments, and later dry out to look like grains of rice.

* Rubbing the rear on the ground or against furniture - if your dog has an itch in its rear, it may be from worms in the area. However, this could also be from gland issues not related to worms.

* Vomiting, possibly even with visible worms.

* Bloated stomach or belly - This can often occur in puppies who receive worms from their mother.

* Weakness, constant hunger, weight loss - Worms can steal the nutrition your dog should be getting from it's food. This can cause your dog to be weak or constantly hungry, and in some cases, may be losing weight.

* Diarrhea, especially if it contains blood.

Symptoms for dogs [http://www.symptomsfordogs.com] that have worms can usually be treated, should be addressed right away for best results.

How a dog gets worms:

Heartworms can be transmitted from mosquito bites.

Tapeworm infection can be caused by swallowing infected fleas.

Hookworm infection can be caused by swallowing the hookworm eggs or larvae. This can also affect the fetus inside the womb of an infected mother. Drinking water with hookworm larvae in it may also result in hookworm infection.

Roundworms can also infect a puppy fetus while inside the womb. Ingesting infected animals can also infect your dog with round worms.

Whipworms infection occurs due to drinking contaminated water or eating something contaminated.

To prevent worm symptoms for dogs:

Get puppies tested early. As soon as three weeks after birth. They may already be infested and will need to be treated right away.

Get your dog a yearly exam and have a stool specimen checked. Several products exists that protect against roundworms and heartworms.

Keep fleas away. Fleas can transmit tapeworm if your dog swallows them.

Keep your dog away from wildlife, where parasites abound. Dog parks that are not well maintained are a common source of parasites.

Prevent your dog from eating dead animals, such as those of birds, rabbits and rodents. Carcasses can carry worms.

Prevent your dog from eating feces. Yes, this should be obvious, but it is the most common way a dog gets intestinal parasites.

If symptoms in your dog indicate worms, take him/her to the vet to diagnose the condition. Provide your dog with proper treatment to avoid any complications.





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