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Hello everyone,

It's me - Lorna! I'm the Secturetry, um... Stretretary. I do Hannah's Column. It's a real important job, now that Hannah is gone and all. Lordy we all miss her but I made up my mind I will do the bestest job I can here on account of Hannah tried to teach me all sorts of things. She was real smart, don't you know. I get teased because I don't spell so good but I am trying real hard to learn and Mum says that is all that matters.

We got lots of nice friends and Mum says sometimes she can't tell who is who and who belongs with us or not. Isn't that nice? Our Mum and Dad have looked after animal friends for over 30 years now and we are so glad they do. Our friends are always welcome at our place.

Like, we just had a visit again from Ralph. He's gone home but he sure was fun to be around. He tells the bestest jokes. When he first came I was scared of him but he is just the sweetest big black German Shepherd you ever met. He belongs to our Auntie Gillian and she has been Mum's friend for years. She comes from some place called Ireland and she goes over to visit often.

We can all remember when Ralph first came to visit us when he was just a tiny baby. I took his picture but Mum hasn't had time to put it on the computer for me. Sometimes I have trouble with pictures and sometimes I chop the heads off and all. Well, I can't help it.


Don't you just love the new look of our Column? Mum says that there have been lots of requests for us to do more with the Column. We can do that but I have to have my sleeps, don't you know. We all have real nice beds and Mum just made us some new blankies and we all love them.

Our Auntie Anne makes beds for her little cat friends. She uses Uncle Paul's old shirts to make real nice summer beds and her kitties love them. We asked Auntie Anne how she does it and she said it is real easy. So here goes...

Button up the shirt and cut off the arms and the collar. If you want to save the buttons for something else you can cut the button panel off and just sew a seam where the buttons were. Sew the collar hole  shut and where the sleeves were. Mum doesn't sew the bottom up but she puts in one of the winter blankies in for filling and that can easily be taken out come washing time. Neat huh, and nice and cool and soft.

Hey, you know what? This is going to be fun and guess what else? We are going to have a special place to remember Hannah on Claver's Landing when we go there. Everyone just loved Hannah and even though we miss her sometimes it is as though she is still with us, don't you know.

Um, I got to go now on account of I'm sleepy.

See you all next time,


A special thanks to Auntie Heather for this picture:

cat at the computer

You can write to me, don't you know?

Promise I'll try and write back real quick.

Gee it's nice...


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