Lorna from the Gang from Hannah's Column



Hello everyone,

It's me - Lorna! I'm the Secturetry, um... Stretretary. I do Hannah's Column, don't you know? Gosh, we've been busy and we have some great news. Soon we will be moving over to the island of Claver's Landing when Mum starts up the Twyckwick Project. I think I already told you we will have a great place there and that nice Mr Miller has built a lovely stable for Auggie and Minnie.

They're our little horses, don't you know? They're ever so cute, 'cept Auggie is a bit naughty sometimes. He steals things and moves stuff around all the time. One time I had to dob him in because while Mum was out one day he got into her stuff on the back verandah. He ate the bottom out of nice cane basket and Mum was not pleased, let me tell you. I don't know what we are going to do with him but we all still wuv him anyway. And he was just the cutest baby, see...

Auggie from Hannah's Column

Our Auntie Trudie took that picture. She's got lots of babies just like Auggie on her farm.

We've all just been busy and Mum said to tell you we will try and get the Column going again soon. Hope you like it.

See you all next time,





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