Hannah was our beautiful German Shepherd who came into our lives right about the time I was starting up Mountain Mist Productions. Sometimes I move my foot beneath my computer desk and I can still feel that warm little puppy snuggled up against me. Now there is another German Shepherd (or two) who likes to snuggle beneath the computer desk and I am sure Hannah would more than approve....

Since Mountain Mist Productions began in 2000 Hannah's Column has consistently been the most popular section of our Main Site. Now we are expanding  the Column and all the information, fun and "wuzziness" is also being incorporated into our other Sites.  As usual, we thank you all for your support.

The Gang from Hannah's Column consists of our animals as well as the animals of our friends. We just slot those in with our own gang for the stories you read in Hannah's Column. It is as though they are really ours too; and their owners get such a kick out of it. We're all one big family and we hope you enjoy your visit.
We look forward to your company - work has begun to start up the Column again and we look aorward to your company. L P King
We are working on a new Column.
At present this is a work in progress - below you can see the sections we will feature so keep checking back to see if we are live and to see what has been added.

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