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Posted by L P King, 16th November, 2018:


Wow, the deeper I get into these changes the more I am liking the way it is going. No airs and graces once we get over to Twyckwick, just a level of honesty that will be all ours. Everyone will be more equal and free to be who they are and to do what they will. Let's cut to the chase, a lot of Authors and Artists become entangled in an egotistical mess by default and they see nothing wrong with that. OK if their work merits it but, sadly, I am seeing more and more stuff that is out there and to say it is of questionable quality is an understatement.


I am very proud of our people and some have gone on in the 18 years we have been going to become exceptional professionals in their fields. Others have been OK with just coasting along and enjoying the ride. What has been interesting though, for me at least, is that I have still been able to watch them develop as individuals, whether they are aware of it or not. Anyway, I'm not quite at the point where I can give too much away but let's just say it will be very different.


Interesting that the Oxford Dictionary has declared the word "toxic" to be the word that sums up this past year. I'd go along with that. Sad to think that "toxic" is the word of the year but if you are truly honest you'd have to agree that it is hard to come up with another more suitable word. Yes, we all know how stinky the world is and how people are even stinkier. Ah, but that is just how it is nowadays, right? And it all enhances our own development, doesn't it? And will we all be better people as a result? You answer those questions for yourselves. You all know me well enough now to know that I am sitting here in my office, feet up on the desk... and I call... baloney! There's a lot of work to do in the New Year and we are raring to go. How about you?


Well, it will soon be Thanksgiving, for those of you who celebrate it. There is some stuff up on the Ecard Site if you need it. I am not sure if there will be additional Graphics; I'll look closer to the time and put them up down the road.


Once again I thank the OpenClipArt people for helping me do the Free Graphic for this week-end. When I have time I'll seek out some more stuff that can be used in addition to our own work. Note I said, "I'll seek out", which means I am perfectly capable of sourcing material myself, thank you. All those little bods trolling this area and then sending us spam are going to be very successful... in turning me off your product. We like to help other businesses but there are ways and there are ways.


It is about that time of year when I do a check of software programs and either upgrade or purchase new ones. I always purchase programs because I know what it is like to be in business and to appreciate when someone helps you out. Be that as it may, I am very grateful to the OpenClipArt people as I am currently so busy, of course. The only other exception is the program used to build most of the Websites. This is a free program from the Developer (and no, it is definitely NOT Wordpress) that came about when our previous purchased program was superceded and they generously made this one available. And it works great! We're all in this together, don't forget. And no, everything is not for free. If it were none of us would be able to pay our bills or put food on the table. How easy it is to forget those little annoyances.


Having said that, this week I was admonished because we do too much for free for people. Well, once we get the new stuff up for sale someone might buy something one day. One day.... One is not going to hold one's breath and there is more to life than money and material possessions. There's L-I-F-E, for a start. And despite all the negativity, all the self-serving agrandissement and all the... lying, there is some pretty incredible stuff in there amongst all of the... other stuff.


Just right hand click on the image below and save to a file on your own computer. Use it to send to a friend or to start a conversation. You do remember what a conversation is, right?



Chocolate Week-End



Posted by L P King, 15th November, 2018:


Pet Friends


The Gang from Hannah's Column just made a donation to help out the animals affected by the California wildfires. We appreciate the UK's Daily Mail for their brutally honest article. Lovely to see the most generous donation by Sandra Bullock too - you can find the link to donate in the first paragraph of that article. Failing that, Go Here to donate.


The Gang from Hannah's Column will soon move to a special part of the Twyckwick Project. We have been requested to still keep the Column going on though... and we will!


Still a lot of work to do with all the changes and we thank you for your patience. We'll get there! 



Posted by L P King, 14th November, 2018:


I just read the update on the California fires. Sad doesn't even begin to evoke the feeling. Special thinkles for all those affected. If you have someone involved let them know you are there for them. Right-hand click on these and save to a file on your own computer. No idea what communications are like but anything you send will eventually reach them and in times like this every little thing counts. A lot.



Love makes memories



Love message






Thinking of you







Posted by L P King, 13th November, 2018:


I'll just refresh this and carry on down the road. Message from Adrian Rogers late this afternoon:




Adrian Rogers' latest work, entitled The Medicine Wheel, has been released - Go here to read more and to purchase. The Book Launch planned for November 18th has had to be re-scheduled and will now be held early in 2019. Jennifer Sinclair will still be simultaneously launching her work. Details will be announced here when available.


His co-presenter is not feeling the best so they decided to re-schedule. Very wise as these things can be a little stressful and I am sure they will all cope beautifully after the Holidays.





 Heather's animations 




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