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Posted by L P King, 24th January, 2019:


We're being told to hunker down for a pretty serious heatwave over the coming week-end. If yesterday was any indication it is already here! Temperatures are not inordinately high here in Deliverance Country but the atmosphere has a bite to it the likes of which I have never experienced - and that is saying something! Poor Lydia, our wonderful webhosting person, about expired when her air-conditioner went bung and needs to be replaced. Commiserations, for sure. Remember... lots of water for animals, damping down and wet towels to lay on. The Gang from Hannah's Column about have it all down pat now and they don't mind cave-dwelling one little bit. As for the humans... be sure and take care of your health during the heat. Right-hand click this Free Graphic, save to a file on your own computer and share with your friends. They'll appreciate your concern for their welfare. We wouldn't mind a link back to us as well.


Ice-Cream Sandwich



Do they still make ice-cream sandwiches? I used to love them as a kid. Very therapeutic. Meanwhile back at the ranch... lots to do today. Thanks for the messages and inspiration - and the stories. Lots of stories have come in over the break so we'll gradually work through them.



Posted by L P King, 23rd January, 2019:


Lots of congrats  today and special people to celebrate. Right-hand click and save this Free Graphic to a file on your own computer if you have someone or something to celebrate too:





Firstly, HUGE congrats to David Rawlings and Gillian Welch. They've been nominated for an Oscar! Congratulations, guys - and to Willie Watson too.


More congrats - our own Adrian Rogers has launched a new Poetry book entitled Music is a River of Life over at Ginninderra Press. More to come on this as well as more on the upcoming Book Launches.


Music is a River of Life by Adrian Rogers



A message from Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe suggests that Angel Rock Leap is seriously getting out there with the help of schools and libraries. Again, HUGE congrats - well-deserved.


All I have time for today. Don't forget you can send a lubbly message if you need us. I'm hearing nasty things about phones and I suspect that people have reached the Ombudsman stage. Such is life, I'm afraid.



Posted by L P King, 21st January, 2019:


Not much going on here until we start again on 1st February. I hope you are all getting back into it after the break. You can still contact us although phones are cattywampus (leave a message and we'll call you back) as usual. The best way to get us is to go to The Command Centre and send us a lubbly message. Either Walt or myself will be around....



 Heather's animations 




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