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UPDATE - We've made a start and we'll announce here as we open up the new areas of Twyckwick.





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Posted by L P King, Friday, 24th May, 2019:


It is amazing how this week-end business is growing. Not business in the usual sense, but in a nice, leisurely old-fashioned way that says, Chill out, it's good for you. Just reminding people that they don't have to  go full-bore 7 days a week. And that it's good to remember as well. Nothing wrong with the whole nostalgia thing. Below is a Free Graphic for you featuring an image we have licensed from Haute Graphique Studio. Just right-side click and save to a file on your own computer. A link back to would be most appreciated. If you want to use this commercially, please do the right thing and purchase a licence (Australian spelling - deal with it). Don't you just love it though? Cards, posters and bags or woteva... Coming soon....






Have fun and don't forget to listen to the Radio while your at it!



Posted by L P King, Thursday, 23rd May, 2019:


These posts may be a little erratic for a while. Some time ago I announced that I might be off towards the end of May and the beginning of June. Happy to say that what I had planned is indeed going to happen. I am looking forward to having some very special visitors to the cottage. We're not planning on going anywhere or doing anything much but I am hoping that we will all get to throw a few ideas around and, in my case, I get some technical tutelage. Trust me, it all helps. These are folk who work in the city; they have been here before and they obviously relish the chance to have some R and R. Can't say I blame them - been there, done that! The orders have started flowing in for some down-home cooking. Little do they know they will be on spud-peeling  duty!


So, if I am not on deck, Walt or one of the others will be. I will be still able to do stuff in the dead of the night when everyone else has turned in. Just like the old days when Dial-Up meant working after midnight! All that coding and new mercantile stuff just won't go away! I'll still be contactable and as usual, our Command Centre is too cool for skool.


Well, I was so excited that I thought today was Friday. Nope, but I'll still try and do a wee graphic for you for tomorrow. In case I don't get there, I've told Walt he needs to proffer some words of wisdom.



All cool



Posted by L P King, Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019:


Updating early because of extreme cattywampusness on the mountain. Not really, but I am just not in a drivel mood today. I could be rude and say at least I am not totally mired in drivel the way some appear to be nowadays. To each his own. I think it is fair to say that a lot of people are feeling a bit flat at present. Well, that all has to stop and I mean it:



Believe and Be



Believe in yourself. I see far too many people being manipulated and influenced by others until they can no longer recognise their own truths. You're not doing yourselves any favours, don't forget.


Enough of that. Good news has been forthcoming from our Adelaide connections and we will be able to produce and mail out most of our stuff from there. All good. Now the real work begins....


I'll try and do some more updates of the Websites and we'll basically begin again. I hope you will join us. More to come....





Building dreams



 Heather's animations 





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