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Rockhampton Time and Date



Posted by L P King, Friday, 19th July, 2019:


As I write this there is someone down the front of the property going through the garbage, presumably to collect cans, bottles and anything they can cash in because I can hear rattling. Det J W Murphy P I  is on it. Sophie is the one to watch out for though. She can't be too worried about whomever is down there because she is cuddled up asleep. I sure feel good about having the security I do have here in Deliverance Country.



J W Murphy P I



Sad state of affairs when people have to go through garbage. There was a recent article in a local paper about how the people of Rockhampton were experiencing this... er... garbage. They felt violated and were worried about their privacy, data mining and so forth. Then I read where down in South Australia they are considering introducing see-through recycling bins, presumably to make it easier for the bog-rats. I'm fine with that - maybe our very own bog-rat might find it's more lucrative to move down there. 


Folks, it's simple enough not to put anything dicey in your garbage. Still, one time the little kids next door observed our nuisance bog-rat going around with a lap-top in hand whilst lifting the lids of the garbage bins. She took off when they tried to approach her to ask what she was doing. After that The Gang from Hannah's Column most generously assisted with a solution to the said bog-ratty problem. So, if you are having trouble and it really, really bothers you... here is what you do:


Bog-Rat Garbage Deterrent Recipe


You'll need:


1 good-sized bucket

rubber gloves (absolutely essential)

warm water




Various quantities of the following:


Dog Pooh

Cat Pooh

Horse Pooh

Cow, Goat, Donkey, Chook, Duck  or Possum Pooh

(be inventive - you'll be surprised what you can come up with...)


Bulldust too... if available.


And away you go...


Layer all ingredients in the bucket.


Add warm water and let sit for a few hours.


Stir vigorously with a stick or hands (this is why you need the rubber gloves).


Mixture  must be prepared prior to placing your garbage in the bin.


When ready, layer the pooh mixture in between your layers of garbage.


Handy hint: to avoid unduly soiling your garbage bin use sealed garbage bags. The time and effort required will be increased and the pooh intensity will be tremendously enhanced. This will thus make the bog-rat's job more difficult and well.... poohieeeeeeee.




Ah, my work is never done. No need to thank me - glad to help out.





Sad state of affairs when people have to stoop so low to make a quid, isn't it? 'Struth, Mr Dickens must be twirling around above his grave. I heard about one person who went through the garbage in his neighbourhood and then drove 20 minutes to the recycling place. Had to line up for an hour and a half and made... twenty bucks. Makes you grateful for your own existence, doesn't it? Still, people don't have to be like this - it's their choice. Heaven forbid they pay attention in school and actually choose a destiny that is sans garbage. No apologies for any of that. We are supposedly the richest country in the world now - there are no excuses.


With all the garbage around it is important to set boundaries and make sure you really appreciate a thing or two. Some of us can remember being brought up that way and if we had even looked sideways at someone else's garbage we would have been given a good kick up the bum and told to just get on with it.



Here's your week-end Free Graphic. Just right-side click and save to a file on your own computer. As usual, a link back to would be appreciated.



Love the week-end



Posted by L P King, Thursday, 18th July, 2019:


Late refreshing this Page but I did try. Last night the phones, Internet and electricity all went cattywampus for a short while. We do have an influx of visitors so that may account for that. Plus, it is bloomin' cold. I just gave up and went to bed with about 3 of The Gang from Hannah's Column sharing the warmth:



Sleepy winter



A tropical Winter? You betcha - Freeeeeeezing. It will only be another month though and the warmer weather will really kick in and then it won't be long before it is too hot to even move around in the heat of the day. That's when the cave-dwelling starts and I am now quite used to it because that is when we all get lots of the stuff that really counts done. Meantime "Winter stuff" means house and yard clean-ups and this year there is a lot to do due to dust storms and smoke from bushfires. Like everything needs to be washed. I'm also trying to re-arrange the whole place so there is a lot of activity. Just has to be done - I'll get my rewards when the cave-dwelling kicks in. If I am still here, that is - still waiting on that overseas job offer. The Gang already have their baby-sitter picked out....


I've got lots of Mountain News but that will have to wait. I've had a few requests to put stuff in. Sorry, this is an old-fashioned, private Bulletin Board. We are not a News Service and we don't do outside stuff. Our mountain is exclusive, don't you know? Sounds snooty? Well after nearly 20 years we are allowed!


Still, with the new plans we will be celebrating some of our special friends but they will be carefully vetted. We don't "do" politics, religion or any of the over-the-top crass stuff.






Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Still working away....




Building dreams



 Heather's animations 





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