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Post by L P King, 28th June, 2017:

Yes, it's that time of year again and commiserations to Members who have reported having the 'flu. Touch wood, I seem to be OK this year after having had my share last year. There could be something to this tropical living after all! Here's a tip - I recently came across a great tea in the Health Food Shop. This crowd are also online at Organic Concepts.   Look into Organic Green Tea and Ginger. Had some yesterday and whoa, I reckon it would about knock anything over.

And of course... Fenugreek Tea. Google away but just quickly - you can buy the seeds in the Health Food Shop and even in the Supermarket these days. Seeds can be sprouted for salads but if you are all glugged-up there is nothing that will un-glug you quicker - just ask an ancient Egyptian, if you can find one. Boil water in a medium-sized saucepan, add a tablespoon and a half of fenugreek seeds and simmer for 20 minutes, drain and drink - the lot, during the day if you can't do it all at once. It may not be to your taste and if you absolutely have to add some manuka honey to taste. This will clear sinuses and like I said, glug. If you have to give a talk or sing and you don't want to be all nasily or rattly in the chest - try it. I've been using it for years.

I've got heaps of work on today so I'm just wasting time on here. The website updates are soooooooooooo....

Lorna from The Gang from Hannah's Column

And obviously Lorna agrees.

And speaking of cats, there was a really funny article in the paper today. This young fellow is obviously having a lend of everyone, but in the event that he isn't, rest assured he will never have to deal with any of the responsibilities many of his friends are facing. And... trust me, I know, that poor cat does not look happy at all.... How funny. I can just hear my mother now.... She was most definite about what kind of blokes were worth bothering with and those who weren't!

No, it's not funny, it's really very serious. I'll do more on this when we get to the Twyckwick Project but here's one story. I had to wait for someone in the shopping centre one day. They have these sofas and stools in the middle of the walkway so I sat down opposite a young man I judged to be in his late teens. He was texting on his phone, of course. So, I'm sitting there, minding my own business and suddenly he looks up and says, "And how are you doing today?" So I'm polite and shoot the breeze and he starts having a heart-to-heart talk to me. A perfect stranger. He's frustrated because he "just can't seem to meet a nice girl". So, I tell him in no uncertain terms where he won't meet a nice girl (trying very hard not to sound like my mother). Won't bore you with the details here as we'll do more on this another time. He didn't say much, just nodded a lot. I didn't even get his name but I decided if I ever see him again I'll ask him how he's doing and if he's with a "nice" girl I'll be over-the-moon.

No, it's really not funny. Like the time I was in the supermarket and this young girl standing next to me asked me if I knew how to make pancakes. She was having some friends over and wanted to know how to make pancakes. So I tell her and help her get what she needs and geez... don't these kids have any mothers? I don't mind but there seems to be a whole heap of people out there who should be made to get a licence before they're allowed to breed because they're certainly not doing their jobs.

Ah, a Writer's job is never done....

Wait, wait, wait... Stop the Presses...

World War III has been declared... say it isn't so! Cadbury Chocolate, the best chocolate in the world... UGH! How dare they! Stock up now... more to come on how to make your own chocolate....


Updated Post by L P King, 26th June, 2017:

Oh dear, a Reader kindly told me of a glitch over at the Card Site. Seems she sought us out through a search engine and was amused to see our Anzac Day illustrations captioned as "Cute Cat Greeting". All fixed now - I usually rename the previous page because it is already set up and this saves time. I just forgot to change the title and description. As Effie would have said, "How embarrassment"!

Do continue to tell us about any problems - it is much appreciated. There is so much going on here and well, not enough hours in the day and it all gets a bit hectic on occasion. I aways give new sites a couple of weeks after they first appear to iron out all the little bumps. And yes, sometimes things slip through the cracks so it is good that people tell us. The other thing that we need people to tell us about is if any of the video links have disappeared, as can happen for a variety of reasons.

Heaps of webwork to do and it sure is slow-going with all the interruptions I get around here. Hopefully by the end of the week we will be looking a lot better. The programs for the Member Pages have all been updated and this has thrown the whole thing into disarray but I think I have it sorted now. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks also to Lilli Benigno, who sent me a lovely message after we discussed a few bookish things. She's another person I'm seriously hoping will get a film contract. Lilli has done extremely well as regards her personal self-publishing journey and we congratulate her. It is nice to see someone with such commitment. I'd like to see people really get behind Lilla and support her so do visit her link.

More great news - Lilian White sent another lot of new and updated manuscripts today so I'll get to those as soon as I finish a bit of this other work. It is amazing how much this really is like starting all over again. The difference is we have a lot more content nowadays!

I know people are getting anxious for everything to happen but since I am "IT" and there is so much to do.... Also, I do have a life. I make sure I have a life. Always have. I remember someone coming to visit in the Blue Mountains back in the Eighties. She walked in, looked around and said, "Oh, this is not what I expected at all." Having worked with computers since the Seventies does not mean it is obligatory to have a high-tech house. Being able to step back is so important to keep everything in perspective. And, the beauty of having your own business is you are perfectly entitled to put your feet up on the desk now and then....

And on that note... 

I probably won't make it back here tomorrow, so I'll leave you to just wander around and just see what you come up with on our mountain.

Posted by L P King, 26th June, 2017:

Goodness me, Monday again. And this little part of what we do is most certainly on the weird side. I envisaged it simply as a vehicle to announce Member and Website updates but the message I am getting loud and clear is that... drivel has its place. Pretty hilarious when you think about it.

Years ago, when we had our old Ezine, I remember having a conversation with a bloke who did not appreciate our format at all. Hated the recipes, poetry, photos, inane music etc, etc. Especially hated the essays and opinion pieces. Fair enough, his prerogative. Found nothing in that issue that he actually... liked. I could have been mad about this, but instead I started to feel good about it. At least I knew he had taken the time to look at it and make up his own mind. He didn't have anyone like the social media shills (didn't exist in those days) to tell him what he did and did not like. He made up his own mind. That's an interesting concept, isn't it?

And that, is how our concept of empowering our Readers was born. We want people to make up their own minds. I'm OK with people sharing what we do, but we are not set up to allow comments from the entire Universe. Deliberately. What you personally think is more important. The journey to decide the merit or otherwise of something is not only personal, it can be a way to exercise your mind. We won't think about what it means not to do that this fine day. This precious journey can also force you to analyse and evaluate, thus strengthening your own personal powers of discernment and validation. And, as some of you have discovered, that can be one of the most exhilarating and satisfying experiences you can ever have. Go ahead, try it sometime.

The other day someone told me about how they were in one of those cheap shops and next to him there was this woman on her phone, talking to someone, trying to decide whether she should buy something for $2.00 or lash out and get the super-dooper version for an almighty $5.00. I kid you not. And how often do you see people doing the same thing? In the shopping centre with their phones glued to their ears? Well, those people will find very little of what we do to be of any use to them. Ever. Know why? Because they're not as smart as that bloke all those years ago. Sad thing is they could be if they wanted to be....

And... as she says all the time... "In the old days...". People had opinions, they expressed themselves and everyone respected that process. And then they all went on their respective ways. Sometimes what someone said touched and influenced them, sometimes not. The difference between then and now is that people had enough of a grounding and enough confidence in themselves that they did not have to use anything or anybody else as a crutch.

And that is why we don't allow comments on our Bulletin Board. It is not a Blog. It is our personal vehicle for expressing what we want - it is up to you to decide what you take on board - or not. Of course, if you do feel a burning desire to communicate with us you can do so through the Command Centre. And no, this is not a message to "keep your opinions to yourselves". It is more about the need for people to relearn how to formulate their own personal opinions in the first place. You are the ones in charge. And, if it takes a bit of inane drivel to kick-start that process, then so be it.


Posted by L P King, 25th June, 2017:

Hey everyone, I wasn't intending to come on here this week-end but last night a frantic message from poor Walt had me looking into this page afterwards. He tried to do something and ran afoul of gremlins. Not really, easily brought back to where it should be, a case of too much having been done to this page. All good now. Anyway, Walt lost interest, I think, and went off. His message to you was that he is getting some great stuff for both the Ezine and for the new project. To make things easier please continue to send these through the Command Centre and put "walt" as the subject of your message.

Seeing as how I am here I would love to share this with you - How fantastic is that? What a great idea. I haven't caught up with any news about this happening in regional areas but I think some places have lending facilities in airports now. The French have been on this for a while and bookstores often have download and print facilities. "On demand" books.

That is all fine and dandy but one of the things I have to find out more about this week is a report that a book on you-know-where by one of our Authors has been stolen and is now for sale at 6 or 7 outlets in Europe. It is not one of our books and just as bloomin' well. I am assuming "fake publishers", and there are many of them around now. The truth is - if you give stuff away for free expect to be done at some stage.

And believe it or not cheap as or free is not always going to do Authors any good. I clearly remember a conversation I had with Angela Adair-Hoy when I first started. She was absolutely the most helpful person and hers was the first book I bought when I was setting up. I asked her to have a look at what I had done. I had given away a cookbook I had written and she wrote to me and said, "Don't give away free e-books. It devalues what we do." How true....

The misconception appears to be it is much better "to get out there" than to lollygag in the background. The other misconception is that if you give away your work and someone "really likes" it, they will rush out and buy your print copy. What a load of baloney.... Helloooooo... Hasn't anybody noticed what is happening in the real world at the moment? You know, everyday stuff like job losses, not enough money, people only buying the big names, only buying at Christmas or Birthday time, etc, etc. If you get something for free are you going to spend money? Honestly, thick as two bricks....

And those bozos who steal the books are even thicker. Can't designate between right and wrong. Opportunists. No talent themselves so they have to pinch from other people because they could never cut it themselves. I'd call them mongrels but that would be an insult to dogs. Can you imagine what kind of people these are? Euuuwwwweeeee.... Dead-set, you wouldn't want to be in the same room with them the stink would be so bad.

Anyway, to all the Writers out there - use the capital "W" and be proud of who you are and what you do. As I always say, if you have the talent and the smarts you will succeed. If not, I'd strongly advise steering clear of the book Fagins in this world because sooner or later you will find yourselves in hot water. Either that or some literati witch will curse you... And then you're well and truly... Purgatory lasts a very long time in this industry.


Enjoy the week-end!

Relax and enjoy


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