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Posted by L P King, 23rd March, 2019:


As I'm sure you already know, I am not one to constantly have my head buried in my mobile phone. I'd be lucky to check the thing once a day so if you do have my personal number and you want to connect that is probably not the way to go. I have a life. I don't need to be ruled by anyone or anything. Can anyone even relate to things like that anymore?


The way to reach me, moi, myself or any of our Members, is to go to the Command Centre. The phone listed there is for within Australia only and again, it is not on constant duty. Either myself, Walt or other Members monitor the Command Centre. We are real people with real lives. Request a Call-Back and someone will get back to you ASAP. The best way for everyone to reach us is to send us a Lubbly Message, again through the Command Centre. We are more likely to be on it with the lubbly messages than the phones. Our Mercantile areas are handled by outside folk who provide fully-encrypted and secure services and you will receive a response from them straight away. They set the ball rolling with processing and once we are notified that funds have cleared we get your orders trekking down the mountain.


It is a nightmare in this country to price and send stuff. I spent most of yesterday in the boondocks with endless reams of paper, calculator in hand, phones hooked up to insidious Call Centres.... Just to make sure our buyers are not being ripped off and that we can keep the prices down whilst also ensuring we cover costs and that we can pay our people for a fair day's work. Has to be calculated to the last cent and is so much work I won't release it all until it is one hundred percent accurate.


Our wonderful Paymate people make it easy for us and we are grateful for everything they do. The problem is overseas buyers trust neither us nor Paymate. This is nothing short of an insult and some people seriously need to get over themselves in this day and age. We've been going for nearly 19 years and have never had a problem. We've never earned much but you know it is all about our Art and not the money. Yet, if we want to even say G'Day to overseas people we have to be signed up with overseas processors who charge us an arm and a leg plus rip us off for taxes we are not even required to pay in our own country. The irony is overseas people can come and buy with Paymate, not be charged extraneous taxes, pay in their own currency, and.... go figure.


So over it. Just before Christmas I was asked to make teddy bears for someone who lives 3 hours down the road. So, 2 teddy bears and a bag of left-over material fitted nicely into a light-weight old toaster box and was wrapped in reusable paper. Weighed next to nothing. And cost $54.60 to send. Ah, but this morning there was an article about this very thing and we are led to believe that Australia Post will have a flat postage rate for all articles under 5 kilos in weight. Coming to a Post Office near you, folks - in October 2019.  Remains to be seen. Don't count on me being around right before October. I'm off to buy a new calculator (wore the old one out) and some more paper in preparation.


Nasty cyclone up north and we feel for the people who may get a second dose of flooding and all the accompanying yukky stuff. Supposed to make landfall this morning. I heard a Vet on the radio yesterday saying approximately 2,000 cats and dogs had to be left behind when people were evacuated but they have a team ready do go in on Sunday to start feeding them in their homes and to do any rescues as required. Hard to even think about all of the livestock. Here's the map - it's over the Gulf at present. We may or may not get a bit of rain, depends what it does. On the map we are just inland of the bit that juts out 3 squares down and 2 across. Other Members in Queensland are to the south of me and hopefully they will be OK too. Surrounded here by extinct volcanoes that offer a little pocket of protection and I am told that the ridges around Sarina just to the north may do the same.


Caught up with what Project Gutenberg is doing yesterday. In most countries and indeed worldwide, so scoot around and have a look. Here's one link for them. You'll see you can get the e-books in a variety of formats and you can save them to your own devices. Just search and ye shall find. Also don't forget we have links to Audio Books on Twyckwick Radio. New Podcasts (you'll see a link to other Podcasts down the bottom of that Page) are coming, including some from our own Members - if I can convince them to get over their collective shyness.... Honestly, my work is never done....


Despite everything, do try and have a good week-end. Positive thinkles for everyone going through the trials of Mother Nature and well... L-I-F-E.



Wobbly Week-end




Posted by L P King, 21st March, 2019:


Update - Well, not really. Talk about a cattywampus day! Caught up with Cory at Digital Print Australia and Kevin at Community Printing Service. Both our specials in Adelaide and both report they are intensely occupied at present so I said we can wait a bit for what we want to do. Meantime I might look into getting the Twyckwick Trading Post out and about online just as a trial to see how we go. Tomorrow.


Aussies - check your News services as I heard there is a recall due to salmonella in some eggs again and shock, horror, nails found in Cadbury's chocolate bars in West Dubbo, of all places. Stop reading my mind! Yes, I do have a past link to Dubbleooooo. Nice place, shame about... I said, stop it!!!! The solution? Get your own chooks and learn how to look after them properly amd start making your own chocolate.



chocolate jug



Here's a Free Graphic - you know the drill. Almost the week-end...



I'll try and get back on here later in the day, hopefully with some updated stuff. It has been a long journey and there is still a lot to do but thankfully I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm looking forward to the 8th May, 2019 and we'll really celebrate. I clearly remember the 8th May, 2000. I had been struggling with web design and thanks to some very gracious and helpful colleagues I got up that morning and thought to myself, Today is the day! And the rest, as they say, is history.


Late night discussion last night with our dear Walt who convinced me to take some time for "me" after all of this. So, I'll be poddling off from about the 28th May until the 5th of June. I want to connect with a few people and do some stuff before things get really funky on the mountain trail. I am so looking forward to all of it.  All good, and thanks to Walt and the other Members who carry the load and allow me to have some semblance of a life now and then.



Building dreams



Posted by L P King, 20th March, 2019:


Just refreshing this area and there is some great news. Our Mountain Mist Productions initiative has just been renewed for another 3 years. Looking forward to this and to twyckwicking along the mountain path. This also cements our plans to concentrate more on overseas endeavours since a fair sprinkling of our Members are of an international bent. I knew there was a reason we took a little break and slowly, slowly we have been shown the way. The old-fashioned way. Our way. I'm now more convinced than ever that this is all meant to be. If it comes from the heart and it is all for the right reasons that is all that is needed.



mountain mist



More to come. I won't hang on here as Mother Nature is currently of the opinion that she can come in and do a two-step around our kitchen table. The very cheek. I think everyone is OK but reports suggest that where Kel Harris lives could be copping a drenching as I write this.




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