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Posted by L P King, 22nd September, 2018:


First day of School Holidays here in Deliverance Country. Let's hope it will be a peaceful time and we won't all have to be subjected to the continual barrage of mothers screeching all day like old fish wives or potty-mouthed, four-letter-word-challenged fathers continually abusing their kids and animals.  Maybe they'll all go away. Seems to be the way of the world nowadays. I am proud to say my parents never spoke to us like that and they certainly knew how to treat animals.


Anyway, to make things more palatable, I remembered I'd promised to share some music with you, so here goes....


You've probably all heard the famous Edith Piaf version but, dare I say it, I think I like this one even better. And, she was only 8-years-old at the time:


And here is another one, piano this time:


'Struth, bagpipe rock and roll?



And of course The Gang from Hannah' s Column have to put their two cents' worth in:


This SafeYouTube thingie is great!


Now... music is one thing, chocolate is another. You got that covered? Good. But what about books? We'll have some newies soon but meantime I hope you have organised your reading material for the week-end. If not, wander over to your bookshelf and have a sift - there's sure to be something you missed or something that definitely deserves a re-read. I've got a Book Review for someone to fit in sometime on the week-end. Looking forward to it.... hope you have fun too.



Read More, Talk More, Live More



Posted by L P King, 21st September, 2018:


In the home stretch now but the main jobs which will take up time are the areas where we sell things as we are doing new carts. Next week I'll look at those. We are planning a Members' kitchen table meeting over the week-end to discuss a few things. You will see some changes and there are some new Members to come on.


I must thank everyone for being so supportive. There is still a way to go but yes, we can do it! I feel like we are back in the year 2000, but that is OK. Some of those memories are hilarious now. Like the story about how one Author encountered a Lawyer at a party back then. She was telling him about her new E-Book and he stopped her in her tracks and said, "Don't be ridiculous. How are you going to read the books?". That bloke can thank his lucky stars he hasn't run into me in the here and now. How funny!


I'll be thinking of some of you over the week-end and hoping you are all OK. Just huggle up and hunker down if you have to and remember... we're all in this together.



Classy Memories



Posted by L P King, 19th September, 2018:


Clarification here, regarding "finding yourself", since I have warned against endlessly trying to find yourself. That is just keeping you occupied. By finding yourself I mean reaching inward to find your own personal creative essence.  Understanding this essence makes the best use of inspiration and enhances the entire creative experience.


Learn your craft in other words. Often the joy is in discovering that there is already so much there and that is when the definition of "essence" is not only clarified, but is validated. It is yours and yours alone. You can't spend an eternity sounding out other people in an effort to find your own personal essence. Only you can provide the answers you need.


The quest to "find" yourself need not take a lifetime, if you are honest with yourself. An endless journey may end up only serving as a vehicle for your fears and exaggerated negativity. Let's face it... you are either going to crack the code or not. If not, it just does not make any sense to endlessly pursue the unattainable and you would be better off going and doing something else. Life is too short to limit yourself to a constant craving when what you crave could well be right there in front of your very eyes. You just have to look a little deeper. And if you don't find it? Celebrate the liberation to seek something else. You might just find perfection in a whole different area where you and your "essence" attract an easy satisfaction which naturally brings a feeling of well-being that again is all... yours. Worth the effort, don't you think?



Work progresses but I have to carefully plan uploads. It's a case of having faith that all will be well when it needs to be... all well.


Today my widdle brain needs a rest so I will be concentrating on getting the Twyckwick Artists' Studio in some semblance of order. Even a full day will not accomplish this, so I figure I may as well have fun with it. Feet up on the desk, keyboard on my lap, chocolate at the ready and a HUGE mug of herbal tea (hey, that neutralises the chocolate). All good.


One thing I must say is I am impressed with the incredibly artistic people with whom we work. They're all precious little petals on the mountain. And that goes for others as well. I am OK with sharing so long as due recognition is given.  Nothing cheeses me off more than being "used". We all understand the concept of inspiration but we make it very clear what can and what cannot be utilised as far as our work goes. I'd probably be more lenient with this if we actually got some reward for what we do. I won't hold my breath on that one. Just remember... the price of chocolate is likely to go up very soon and I don't want to be standing on a street corner, empty chocolate box in hand, begging for choccy sustenance. We do what we can to help others so... Right now I have the opinion that Nettleland is full of greedy opportunists who don't give a whoop about anybody else. Prove me wrong - paleeeeease....


But you know what is so good about being who we are and doing what we do? We don't have to give a whoop. If other people want to act like complete bog-rats that is their problem. If they do want to come and have a chat with us they will be welcome at our kitchen table. We're all in this together and it behoves us all to do the right thing. You can have a yarn with us anytime you like - we don't bite. You just never know, you might discover some wonderful friends. Anyone who can't "get" that had best just "glide on by" before they fall down the dunny hole - ours or their own (karma is real, don't forget).



I wuv you



Oooopsie, I almost forgot to mention a new person we'd like you to get to know. She's a friend of one of our Members and we are glad we got to know about her. Here she is - what a talent! We're enjoying the music and I'll try and remember to put some more up at the end of the week. And by the way HUGE congrats to Gillian Welch for winning the Thomas Wolfe Award to be bestowed by the University of North Carolina in October. Ah yes, life is good - music, a good book and C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E... doesn't get any better than that.


There's just one thing that bothers me... some people need to seriously find themselves. You just never know what might come of it with all this talent around. Are you one of those people??? The sheer exhilaration of "finding" yourself, your Art and the euphoria that ensues is beyond measure. And don't forget it is a personal thing - it comes from deep within YOU. And no one else. Trust me, I know these things....



Posted by L P King, 17th September, 2018:


I may not do a major re-fresh of this page this week. Bizzzzzeeeeeee and at present the connections are doing the whole jive-bunny thing. A bit of weather coming in but nothing like other places in the world. We've heard from Kathie Akins in North Carolina and they are fine. We are hoping that the rest of the Members on the eastern seaboard are far enough away to be OK. One of our Printers heard from a friend in Hong Kong and he said there was debris everywhere, huge cranes just toppled in the street and people were racing everywhere to try and get to safety. Positive thinkles for everyone affected.


One thing... if you phone, leave a message and we'll get back to you. If you don't use the Command Centre's phone number you may not get through, so it is best to actually send us a lubby message.


Never too busy



Posted by L P King, 16th September, 2018:


Our Authors and Artists who are the Members of Mountain Mist Productions are fairly well-represented in both Australia and the United States. In the US a goodly proportion are located on the eastern side and our thoughts are with them and their families during this current hurricane crisis.


Kathie Akins is located in the mountains of North Carolina so we can only hope that they are far enough away to be OK. I tried to call but there was no answer and I would expect this, seeing as how we in Capricornia have been through a Category 5 and a Category 4, losing both power and phones.  Kathie and her husband run the Scottish Museum in their town and they may simply be busy. We'll keep you posted. I looked up their local newspaper and it looks like rain for the next couple of days but I couldn't see any really bad reports. Here's hoping the rest of our guys will be OK too as the thing moves inland and upwards presumably. Not a good time to be travelling around so take care everyone.



Always thinking of you



Posted by L P King, 15th September, 2018:


No matter how bizzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee you get this week-end, don't forget the me time! Have fun...


Week-end Heart Music

With thanks to our friends over at OpenClipArt.



Posted by L P King, 10th September, 2018:


It is early afternoon, Monday, here in Deliverance Country. Creepy to think that this phenomenon is "now everywhere", so I am told. The recommended antidote is a good book, music of choice, huggles and... C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. I mean, how many times do I have to repeat this? Geez.. my work is never done!


Anyway, the trick is... stay true to yourself and just... carry on. And don't be one of those people endlessly trying to "find" themselves. You know that joke about people who are always searching... "little do they know there is nothing to find"? Beyond sad. Still, there is a lot to be said for the inspiration that rises to the surface (if you're lucky) and before you know it...


I am grateful for a lot of inspiration and for the empowerment that comes from being free to do what we want when we want. The rest is up to you. You are free to come and go as you please and to make your own decisions as to what you choose to take away with you. No social engineering here. I am not going to dignify this but over the week-end someone sent me a link to an article and a video that confirms what we have always known. And that is that the Internet is nothing but one big social experiment. George Orwell must be twirling in the air above his grave. He is dead, isn't he? You could be forgiven for asking that question on occasion.


Yet, in the midst of all of this there are people who can still think, communicate, assist, reason, empathise and... love unconditionally. It may seem that you have to dig to find them but they are there. They are honest, hard-working, ethical, sensible and trustworthy. If you do manage to stumble upon these rare creatures,  keep them close and treasure them. Perhaps what we are seeing at present is a great "weeding out". It's as though everyone and everything is being tossed in the air and we are yet to discover what happens after that. An interesting time in History. No doubt we can all look forward to discovering what really matters.






 Heather's animations 




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