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Posted by L P King, 21st July, 2018:


Didn't think I'd make it on here today but most of the drudge is done for the day. As one of our favourite Twyckwickers says, "I'm just so good I don't know what to do with myself!". Just have to replace some curtains ripped by a certain little member of The Gang From Hannah's Column....


Miss Rosie from Hannah's Column



She's only little but boy, she can re-arrange stuff! All part of having animals. It always amuses me how people will tolerate their kid painting the walls with poop but freak out when an animal sheds one hair on the carpet. It's all part of the deal, folks. Don't have them if you are not prepared to take on the responsibility. And yes, they do eventually grow out of it. At least I hope they do. Not so sure about Miss Rosie. She is very different and smarter than most kids, I'd warrant. Look up calico cats and that may explain - they're pure magic. She steals things too. Has a paper fetish so important papers and letters have to be kept in plastic folders. Can play with wrapping paper for days on end. When she was real little I had one of those Kinder Surprise eggs and inside the plastic egg in the middle was a miniature pack of playing cards. The Rose was in 7th Heaven. Me too - I ate the chocolate!


OK... today I'll poddle around and do a few updates. There will be some changes soon, won't bore you with details, but I think it will be good. E-Commerce is either going to sort out for the better or not. I'm betting the latter so we'll be prepared. Lots of people are going off the Internet and are formulating plans accordingly - all cool.


Yeah, all this Trade stuff could easily go belly-up. My advice is... stock up on shoes and underwear. True, two things you don't want to be without. You can always re-purpose old clothes but not so shoes and underwear. Make your own knickers if you have to; there are plenty of sewing patterns around. Make sure you have enough fabric and sewing notions too, in case they get way too expensive or there is a shortage. It was no mistake that our mothers always had a button jar and they re-cycled lots of stuff like hooks and eyes, cord and lace. My cousin told me her mum used to make knickers out of the left-over flour sacks. Let's just hope it doesn't get that bad. Excuse me, I seem to have come over all itchy....


Enjoy your Saturday!



I think this image came from our Avanquest software - love their stuff.


Oh, don't forget these folks seriously need some help - Buy a Bale.



Posted by L P King, 20th July, 2018:


Here's a special one for the week-end. Just right-hand click and save to a file on your own computer:



1stmist music magic



Busy cottage work planned for the week-end so if I don't get back here maybe one of the others will.  You can still reach me through the Command Centre. Enjoy yourselves!



Posted by L P King, 19th July, 2018:


Congratulate someone special for a job well done and make their day - Ooops, I made a mistake in the code for this one - all fixed now. We appreciate you telling us if you come across any glitches. Also, do tell us if you ever suspect anything untoward with any of our Sites, people or products and we will investigate.


Great news this morning that our Outback may soon be home to a new movie studio. You'll no doubt see more in the Press in due course. Shock, horror, with the news of a plethora of music festivals and events coming up, is it possible that kultcha could actually be coming to Queensland? Sorry, that wasn't very nice, but I am sitting here in the middle of Deliverance Country, having to listen to all their bogan noises and well... one is grumpy, just like Bubba....



Grumpy bubba


Anyone got any chocolate? No? Don't talk to me....



Posted by L P King, 18th July, 2018:


Cool morning here in Capricornia. And I mean cool, but it is welcome as there is still some cottage work to do and it sure beats doing drudge in tropical weather! One Twyckwicker passed on a weather report a day or two ago with -14 C in Lithgow, -11 C in Orange and -10 C in Armidale. Never known it to get that cool; here in Capricornia it is beautiful and sunny during the day and at least you can still move around. Lowest here at abou 6 C, I think - no minus!


More to come on this - if I don't get back today I'll be updating music stuff on the week-end. I'm talking about Great old Sci-Fi Movie here and superb stuff in the Archives. Many thanks for your support for this Site. Must be some karma at play!


Meanwhile, our Oldies visitors can now hook up to what's on offer over at Twyckwick Radio. Twyckwickers report that the '50's and '60's stations are popular, as well as Australia's Outback Radio. Other popular sections of the Oldies Site are the Puzzles, Adult Colouring Pages and the Horoscopes. I'll further update as I can.


 Had to have a little break from this post but...


I'm b-a-c-k... Had to go off because I was being "yelled at" by a certain little boy horse making it quite clear... "I want my breakfast and I want it NOW!". Took some great photos and a video the other day. If I can possibly find the right cable I'll put them up at some stage. And yes... I got the messages about moving Hannah's Column along. It's coming and so is the special Twyckwick section. I want to sort the Members first and I have some other work to do but rest assured, we definitely know that the animals rule!



Posted by L P King, 17th July, 2018:


How are the Christmas in July festivities going? Any excuse for a party? Here are the Christmas Ecards.


It looks like the Twyckwick Post Office will get the green light to go ahead. Please let us know of any special cards or specify any of our images that you would like to go in there. You will be able to buy Twyckwick Cards and stationery as well as stamps. We'll even mail your messages for you if you can't manage it yourself. A little ways to go yet so there is still time for your input.




Of course we are being sneaky! Our aim is to get people back to communicating with each other again. I mean... reeeeeeeallly communicating and we are using our old-fashioned theme (off the Internet) to facilitate that. Too much for you to handle? Not quite ready to cut the Nettleland apron strings? Then this is for you.... Send someone an Online Greeting. It is safer than Ecards since you use your own email program and you are in charge. Just cut and paste the card link into the body of your email or posting. Let's look at some samples....



Firstly, the cutest pair from The Gang from Hannah's Column. Sadly, Conrad is no longer with us, but Logan (on the left) is still around and looking after everybody. He's known as "The Angel Puss" because of his extreme empathy. Go ahead, send some of your human friends this one... and hope some of the love will rub off!


Well, sometimes people just need...


Pulling "Angel Duty":


And of course... good mates talk each day:





Posted by L P King, 16th July, 2018:


Here's a Free Graphic for you. Just right-hand click and save to a file on your own computer. A link back to and an acknowledgment to the Morgue File for the photo would be appreciated - it all helps.


 Monday winner

With thanks to our friends over at The Morgue File


Isn't that a great photo? The Morgue File has provided us with some interesting diversions. They say the photos are free and for commercial use but we would never use their material commercially. Not because it is not worthy, but we like to respect the works of others, we don't believe everything needs to be free and commercially using someone else's work just doesn't sit right. As the saying goes,  fair pay for a fair day's work. Besides, we have our own commercial material. All power to the Morgue File for their clarity and generosity though. We pulled out of using another company because we could not contact them and clarify their terms. All it takes is for businesses to be a little respectful and to take the time to get it right from the beginning.


Looking forward to developing our own Artists' resources and we have some stuff to implement soon for Twyckwick. We are still committed to helping others and that includes their talents and businesses but hey... a little two-way dialogue might go down well. I don't expect people to go into bat for us but it surely wouldn't hurt to say... Thanks, How are you goin'?,  How's your father?, Kiss me foot or... SOMETHING. Of all the people we contacted before we put links up on the Oldies at Large Site (an update is coming) we only heard back from one person. One person. Mind-boggling bad manners at the very least. Well, we love what other people do so we'll just keep on and hope for the best....


One person who definitely shares the love is Tina Johnston. She contacted me this morning and reported that she had been given a rather big and special photographic assignment for some folk in her area. Way to go, Tina! Then she told me how freezing it is down in Victoria (her heating system "went bung") and  added, "I just have one thing to say..... chocolate!!!!".  I'll second that....



Bonjour chocolates


Isn't that gorgeous - to put you in the mood for Monday!

I think this is one of Heather's images, so thanks heaps for that.


Heather's animations 




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